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A Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd +A Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd'' or Highland Bagpipe Music, many of the pieces being adapted to the Piano Forte with full instructions for those desirous of qualifying themselves in performing on this National Instrument. to which are prefixed some sketches of the principal Hereditary Pipers and their Establishments with historical and traditional notes respecting the origin of the various pieces. Dedicated by permission to the [[:Highland Society of London|Highland Society of London]] by [[:Angus MacKay|Angus MacKay]].  +
A Compleat Theory of the Scots Highland Bagpipe +''A Compleat Theory of the Scots Highland Bagpipe'' containing all the shakes, introductions, graces & cuttings which are peculiar to this instrument, reduced to order & method: fully explain’d, & noted at large in 58 tables & examples. With all the terms of art in which this instrument was originally taught by its first masters & composers in the Islands of Sky & Mull. Also a full account of the time, style, taste, & composition of true pipe music, with examples of each, in the genuine & native style of this instrument; & an account of the rules & method by which the pipe composition & time were regulated. To which is added direction & examples for the proper execution & cutting of the pipe reells composd by the same masters in the Isles & Highlands, & the first preludes they taught, with an example of a march, reel and jig with their introductions [&] cuttings drawn out at length; & a description of the original intent of pipe musick; & a short account of the nature & compass [of] the bellow’s pipe. The whole carefully collected & preservd in its antient style & form, without alteration or amendment by [[:Joseph MacDonald|J. Macdonald]].  +
Colin Campbell's Instrumental Book Vol. 1 +The first volum continuing 83 tunes. Inscribed John Campbell’s Book in the year of our Lord 1815. Deposited by Miss Phillis Bartholomew, 1950. This volume contains many revisions showing how Colin Campbell’s notation developed. The second volume ([[C2]]), which has fewer corrections and an 1814 watermark, appears to be a fair copy made in about 1815. Two other documents shed light on the evolution of Campbell’s notation: a presentation copy of one tune discovered by Keith Sanger ([[C0]]) and four tunes copied by Angus MacKay from a manuscript now lost ([[CK]]).  +
Colin Campbell's Instrumental Book Vol. 2 +This is a fair copy by the author of his second volume, originally compiled in 1797. It seems likely that a fair copy of volume 1 was taken to Edinburgh by his son, John, in 1816, where it was rejected by the Highland Society adjudicators but purchased by Sir John Murray MacGregor. Only the original volume 1 and this fair copy of volume 2 survive. They remained in the family and were purchased from Ann Campbell, Oban, by John Bartholomew in 1909.  +