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Number +A generic item or document number. Not to be confused with issue number. (en)  +
Ending page +Starting page number within a continuous page range. (en)  +
Page +Starting page number within a continuous page range. (en)  +
Volume +A volume number. (en)  +
Composer +Associates a composition event to the actual composer. (en)  +
Contributor +An entity responsible for making contributions to the resource. (en)  +
Created +Date of creation of the resource. (en)  +
Creator +An entity primarily responsible for making the resource. (en)  +
Description +An account of the resource. (en)  +
Depiction +An image or other representation. (en)  +
foaf:homepage +URL of the homepage of something, which is a general web resource. (en)  +
foaf:mbox +An inverse functional property, the email box of an agent. (en)  +
foaf:name +A name for some thing or agent. (en)  +
Has version +A related resource that is a version, edition, or adaptation of the described resource. (en)  +
Identifier +An unambiguous reference to the resource within a given context.. (en)  +
instrument +Indicates a musical instrument played by a person. (en)  +
Part of +A related resource in which the described resource is physically or logically included. (en)  +
Version of +A related resource of which the described resource is a version, edition, or adaptation. (en)  +
NLS +[[National Library of Scotland]] Manuscript Identifier. (en)  +
PS +Piobaireachd Society Identifier. (en)  +
Performance of +Associates a Performance to a musical work or an arrangement that is being used as a factor in it. (en)  +
Performer +Relates a performance to the performers involved. (en)  +
Publisher +An entity responsible for making the resource available. (en)  +
Recorded as +This is a shortcut property, allowing to bypass all the Sound/Recording steps. This property allows to directly link a Performance to the recorded Signal. (en)  +
Recording of +recorded sound. (en)  +
rdfs:seeAlso +A related resource. (en)  +
TaD +Tobar an Dualchais Identifier. (en)  +
Title +A name given to the resource. (en)  +
foaf:knows +A person known by this person (indicating some level of reciprocated interaction between the parties). (en)  +