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A Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd +A Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd  +
A Collection of the Ancient Martial Music of Caledonia +A Collection of the Ancient Martial Music of Caledonia  +
A Compleat Theory of the Scots Highland Bagpipe +A Compleat Theory of the Scots Highland Bagpipe  +
Angus MacKay's "Kintarbert" MS +A rare and valuable Collection of Piobaireachd Music from Kintarbert  +
Angus MacKay's Manuscript Vol. 1 +Volume First / 114 Piobaireachds  +
Angus MacKay's Manuscript Vol. 2 +Volume Second / 125 Piobaireachds  +
Angus McDonald of the Great Divide +Angus McDonald of the Great Divide  +
Black Haired Hector +Black Haired Hector  +, Eachann Dubh  +
Campbell Notation.pdf +Campbell Notation  +
Che do odin cherede en de +Che do odin cherede en de  +
Chumh Mhic Caoic +Chumh Mhic Caoic  +
Colin Campbell's Instrumental Book Vol. 1 +[[:Colin Campbell|Colin Campbell]]’s Instrumental Book 1797  +
Colin Campbell's Instrumental Book Vol. 2 +[[:Colin Campbell|Colin Campbell]] Second Volum Containing 86 Tunes  +
Cumha Chlabhers +Cumha Chlabhers  +, The Viscount of Dundee's Lament  +
Cumha Dhomnuill Duachal Mhic Aoidh +Cumha Dhomnuill Duachal Mhic Aoidh  +, Donald Duaghal Mackay's Lament  +
Cunah Mic Cui +Cunah 'Mic Cui  +, Mackay's Lament  +
Failte Dhute Donail +Failte Dhute Donail  +, Salute to Donald  +
Failte Phroinsa +Failte Phroinsa  +, The Princes Salute  +
Failte Prionnsa Seumas +Failte Prionnsa Seumas  +, Prince James of Wales' Salute  +
Frasers March +Frasers March  +
Hin o dro ha darado +Nameless (Hin o dro ha darado)  +
His Mother's Lament for the Departure of her only Son +His Mother's Lament for the Departure of her only Son  +
Hugh's Lament +Hugh's Lament  +
Hugh's Lament +Hugh's Lament  +
Iseabail Nic Aoidh +Iseabail Nic Aoidh  +, The Stewarts March  +
Lacrimae +Lacrimae  +
Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay +Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay  +
Lament for the Common Piper +Lament for the Common Piper  +
Lament for the Old Man +Lament for the Old Man  +
Lament for the San Patricio +Lament for the San Patricio  +
Lament for the Viscount of Dundee +Lament for the Viscount of Dundee  +, Cumha Chlaibhears  +
MacArthur-MacGregor Manuscript +MacArthur-MacGregor Manuscript  +
MacLaren's Gathering +MacLaren's Gathering  +
Melford's March +Melford's March  +
Miss Julie Baker of Merimbula +Miss Julie Baker of Merimbula  +
O Gur Sinn Tha Brùite Breòite +O Gur Sinn Tha Brùite Breòite  +
Piobaireachd in 3 Modes +Piobaireachd in 3 Modes  +
Salute to Donald +Salute to Donald  +
Salute to Those Who Serve +Salute to Those Who Serve  +
Salute to the Royal Scots +Salute to the Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)  +
SaluteToDonald.pdf +Salute to Donald  +
Sheep in Buchts Kye in Fiels +Sheep in Buchts Key in Fiels  +
Sheep in Buckts Kye in Fiels +[[:Sheep in Buchts Kye in Fiels|Sheep in Buchts Kye in Fiels]]  +
Sheep in Buckts Kye in Fiels (Urlar) +[[:Sheep in Buchts Kye in Fiels|Sheep in Buchts Kye in Fiels]] (Urlar)  +
Song of the Yellow Jessamine +Song of the Yellow Jessamine  +
Thanig Gorrie +Thanig Gorrie  +
The Knights of Glin +The Knights of Glin  +
The Prince's Salute +The Prince's Salute  +, Failte a' Phrionssa  +
The Walk +The Walk  +, Air His Nan Litrichean  +
You'r Welcome Ewin +You'r Welcome Ewen  +
You'r Welcome Ewin, Lochiel +You'r Welcome Ewin, Lochiel  +