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== Recordings ==
== Recordings ==

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Tobar:26503Angus Campbell1 November 1950
Tobar:51341William MacLean1953
Tobar:56218Robert Bell Nichol23 November 1953
Tobar:53377Angus MacPherson14 July 1955
Lament for the Viscount of DundeeMalcolm R. MacPherson29 June 1959
Lament for the Viscount of DundeeJohn D. Burgess1961
Tobar:70955John D. Burgess28 June 1961
Tobar:65057John D. Burgess4 August 1961
Tobar:58266Calum Johnston14 March 1964
Lament for the Viscount of Dundee (Canntaireachd)Calum Johnston14 March 1964
Tobar:100148Farquhar MacRae
Charles MacFarlane
February 1967
O Gur Sinn Tha Brùite BreòiteJohn MacLean1968
Tobar:65251Calum Beaton3 June 1970
Lament for the Viscount of Dundee (Poetry)John MacLean7 December 1970
Tobar:72544Robert Urquhart Brown1971
Lament for Hugh, Allan MacDonaldAllan MacDonald17 October 1992
Lament for the Viscount of DundeeWilly Morrison14 April 1993
Lament for the Viscount of DundeeJenny Hazzard6 July 2010
Lament for the Viscount of DundeeBill Livingstone
Tony McManus
21 May 2011
You're Welome Ewen, Lochiel (Set Tunes)William Donaldson2012
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