Che do odin cherede en de

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Che do odin cherede en de.pdf

Che do odin cherede en de by Henrik Idoff Mackenzie Hornhaver (2017), entered into the Shasta Piping Society 2017 original piobaireachd composition contest. Hornhaver writes:

"Che do odin cherede en de" is named after the first phrase of the tune. I had the last part of the phrase in my head after a walk by a loch nearby, where the waves hit a small pier and made a kind of triple sound when splashed into the poles. I decided to use the sound and the phrase for a Primary Piobaireachd. A relatively small tune suited for beginners to honour the goal of Shasta Piping Society to encourage pipers to take up Piobaireachd.


Henrik Idoff Mackenzie Hornhaver2017