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Henrik Idoff Mackenzie Hornhaver was born in Holte, a small suburb North of Copenhagen, Denmark in 1952. Hornhaver writes:

As we had no tradition for bagpipes in Denmark at the time, my first experience with the Scottish instrument was during the The British Exhibition September 1955 in Copenhagen where a tattoo was given. In spite of my very young age, I still clearly remember the massed band played by the Gordon Highlanders and Black Watch – and obviously – that made a great impression to me. Evil toungues later told me, that I was 'traumatised' for the rest of my life at that event. Never the less, I kept my fascination for the instrument and given the opportunity I joined the rather newly established White Hackle Pipe Band of Copenhagen in june 1973.

One of the first books, I bought was the 1971 reprint of Joseph MacDonalds "A Compleat Theory of the Scots Highland Bagpipe" and that initiated a life long interest in Piobaireachd.

During the last decade or so, I have spent literally hundreds of hours Skyping with my dear, old piping friend P/M Bill Robertson,ex-1. Battalion Royal Scots, studying all aspects of Piobaireach greatly supported by his – still available – DVD ”115 Piobaireachd Tutorials” and ”Piobaireachd Technique”. He even supervised my competition tune for the ”2017 Shasta Original Piobaireachd Music Competition” and offered to record my tune, as I was unable to do so at the time.

The tune "Che do odin cherede en de" is named after the first phrase of the tune. I had the last part of the phrase in my head after a walk by a loch nearby, where the waves hit a small pier and made a kind of triple sound when splashed into the poles. I decided to use the sound and the phrase for a Primary Piobaireachd. A relatively small tune suited for beginners to honour the goal of Shasta Piping Society to encourage pipers to take up Piobaireachd.

I will let it be up to you to judge, if I succeeded. I had a lot of fun.

Henrik Mackenzie Hornhaver


Che do odin cherede en de2017


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Che do odin cherede en de2017