Miss Julie Baker of Merimbula

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Miss Julie Baker of Merimbula (Canntaireachd).pdf

Miss Julie Baker of Merimbula, composed by Geoff Jones (2017) and entered in the Shasta Piping Society 2017 original piobaireachd composition contest. Of this piece, Jones writes:

A friend met through our mutual love of piping, Julie was a beautiful young lady with a passion for life. In 2011 at the age of 23, Julie was diagnosed with cancer in her brain, lung and liver. Sadly, Julie passed away in December 2016.

Julie's love of life and the pipes inspired Geoff to compose a tune in her memory. Geoff's original tune for Julie was a light waltz which finished with a lament in the style of ceol mor. It was this lament that became the ceol mor piece included in this wiki, 'Miss Julie Baker of Merimbula' - fond memories.

The score at right, is written in the New MacCrimmon Canntaireachd of Simon Fraser.


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