New MacCrimmon Canntaireachd

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The New MacCrimmon System of canntaireachd, from the teaching of Simon Fraser.

In his bookCeòl Mòr in the Style of Simon and Hugh Fraser of Australia, Dr. Barrie Orme says that Simon Fraser favoured the MacCrimmon system. Simon beliveed that Donald Mòr MacCrimmon invented the system and his son, Patrick Mòr MacCrimmon perfected it by about 1650.

The table below gives a comparison of the Old MacCrimmon Notation (OMN), New MacCrimmon Notation (NMN) and Nether Lorn (Lorn N).

Comparison of three styles of canntaireachd (with high G grace note)
source: Orme, 2006
Note Low G Low A B C D E F High G High A
OMN hun hin ho ho ha hi, hie hi hi, hu di
NMN hun hin ho hie ha he hi hu di, vee
Lorn N him hin hio ho ha che he hi, chi ee
Pronounced hundred hinge hobart hay harvest heaves high hooligan dimple