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Sheep in Buckts Kye in FielsRoger Huth2012
Song of the Yellow Jessamine8 April 2012
Lament for the Old Man (Eagle Pipers)Peter McCalister
Iain McHugh
18 September 2012
Lament for the Old ManIain McHugh
Peter McCalister
21 December 2012
Black Haired HectorConnor Sinclair
Con Brio
Contemporary Dance
13 April 2013
Lament for Hugh, Big Music SocietyBig Music Society
Murray Henderson
James Lindsay
Susan Appelbe
Megan Henderson
Mharie Mackinnon
Calum MacCrimmon
John Mulhearn
13 August 2015
Sheep in Buckts Kye in Fiels (Urlar)Roger Huth13 September 2015
Allan MacDonald2017
Allan MacDonald2017
James Ingraham2017
David Mason2017
John Bottomley2017
Henrik Idoff Mackenzie Hornhaver2017
Vincent Janoski2017
Jori Chisholm2017
Geoff Jones2017
Steve Knox2017
LacrimaeWillie McCallum
Jim McGillivray
Craig Muirhead
March 2017
David BarrettMarch 2017
William Waites7 May 2017