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This is an experimental work in progress. An interesting starting pointThe purpose of this wiki is several-fold.Firstly to present sources of pipe music, illustrating some or piobaireachd as an integrated living traditionwith primary sources along side of discussion, performance as well as newer secondarysources. Secondly the goal is to make the featuresinformation about musical pieces, composers,performers, artefacts and books available in a structured, ''machine-readable'' or indeed''data-driven'' way. This approach lets us explore the content in different ways usingqueries. The page for [[Donald Mòr MacCrimmon]], for example, contains a list of hiscompositions simply by virtue of being mentioned in their page as,<nowiki>[[composer::Donald Mòr MacCrimmon]]</nowiki>. This use of typed links andqueries is very powerful. Most pages have a ''fact box'' at the bottom that show thedata that is present, for now mainly limited to bibliographic data. Nearly all of the content is duplicated from the main[[PS114seeAlso::|Alt Pibroch Club]]web site, only a minimal amountis here, in order to give a flavour of what is intended.
== Primary Sources ==

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