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== About this Wiki ==
This site aims to be an open on-line encyclopedia of [[Ceol Mòr]], collecting informationabout about each piece, sources, composers and performers. This wiki is an experimental work in progress. It is far from complete. The purpose of thiswiki is several-fold.Firstly to present sources of pipe music, or piobaireachd as an integrated living traditionwith primary sources along side of discussion, performance as well as newer secondarysources. Secondly the goal is to make the information about musical pieces, composers,performers, artefacts and books available in a structured, ''machine-readable'' or indeed''data-driven'' way.
This approach lets us explore the content in different ways usingqueriesIf you would like to contribute, you are welcome. The page for [[Donald Mòr MacCrimmon]], for example, contains a list of hisPlease create an account and thencompositions simply by virtue of being mentioned in their page as,<nowiki>[[composerhttp::Donald Mòr MacCrimmon]]</nowiki>/www. This use of typed links andqueries is very contact us] to get permission to edit. Most pages have a ''fact box'' at the bottom that show theThe reasondata that for contacting us is present, for now mainly limited just to bibliographic dataprevent spam.
Some nice extra features include direct embedding We do have some [[Rules|rules]], inspired by those of PDF and MP3 files (and annotatingthem, of course) as well as staff notation interspersed with text, see [[PS114wikipedia:Wikipedia:Policies_and_guidelines|Wikipedia]] for an examplebut a little more relaxed, in particular about notability.They boil down to:
Editing is unfortunately disabled by default simply # Be on-topic, pages and contributions should be related to piobaireachd or ceol mòr# Try to write from a [[wikipedia:Wikipedia:Neutral_point_of_view|Neutral Point of View]] in order an encyclopedic sort of way# Understand that all contributions are subject to prevent spamthe [[Template:CC-by-sa-4. If you would like to0]] license# Only contributemedia (files, please create PDFs, MP3s) with an account and appropriate free license# Do not edit pages about yourself This wiki has some [[ contact usFeatures|Advanced Features]]designed to make the content machine-readable and reusable and also to embed recordings and we will enable itmusical notation directly in wiki pages.
== Primary Sources ==

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