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This site aims to be an open on-line encyclopedia of [[Ceol Mòr]], collecting information about about each [[Category:Piobaireachd|piece]], [[Sources|sources]], composers and performers. This wiki has some [[Features|Advanced Features]] designed to make the content machine-readable and reusable and also to embed recordings and musical notation directly in wiki pages.
This wiki is an work in progress. It is far from complete. If you would like to contribute, you are welcome. Please create an account and then [ contact us] to get permission to edit. The reason for contacting us is just to prevent spam. We do have some [[Rules|rules]], inspired by those of [[wikipedia:Wikipedia:Policies_and_guidelines|Wikipedia]] but a little more relaxed. All contributions, unless otherwise noted are under the [[Template:CC-by-sa-4.0]] license.
Recently (Spring/Summer 2017) we have been collecting entries from the [[Shasta Piping Society 2017]] Original Piobaireachd Composition Contest.
== Piobaireachd ==
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