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The Walk (Air His Nan Litrichean) composed by James Ingraham (2017) and entered in the Shasta Piping Society 2017 original piobaireachd composition competition. Ingraham writes:

The tune was inspired by my dog - a golden retriever / border collie mix. Whenever someone mentions going on "a walk", he gets so excited that he begins whining and yowling in a sing-songy manner that always reminded me of Piobaireachd. He's equally excited by the words "get the mail", so much so that we often have to say that phrase in other languages - hence the Gaelic subtitle "to get the letters". I wanted the structure of the tune to be very forward pushing and quick, hence the limited number of variations and use of both the toarluath a mach and crunluath a mach.

Ingraham's dog is named Argos.

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